Electric drive for automatic train stop PAM-2

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Electric drive for automatic train stop PAM-2 is installed in the metro automatic block system and designed for impact on brake systems of metro electric trains when train is running on a block section secured by the restrictive signal. 

The electric drive impacts on a breakaway valve of the automatic train stop by switching the track clamp in the vertical position with the help of the track clamp fi ttings.
The electric drive of the automatic train stop PAM-2 according to location conditions per allowable mechanical impacts falls in group MS2 and per climatic impacts in group K4.

The switched-on electric drive ensures load movement of weight 140 ± 5 N on the lever from any position (within the operational stroke) to the top position.
Overall dimensions, mm: 350х360х550
Switchgear weight, kg, maximum: 66
Current in motor circuit, А : 0,65±0,1
Level movement angle: 106°±3°
Level movement time, s, maximum : 3
Motor speed, rpm : 500±100

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