Enterprise in persons

Nothing contributes to excellent work at the enterprise like a close-knit team of professionals!

General manager

Абушенко А.Г.

Termotron today is a leading enterprise in the railway equipment industry. Our products are responsible for the safety of train traffic and represent a whole range of products installed on the infrastructure of railways and subways.

Our products are used not only in Russia. It is well known abroad and largely due to its reliability. The combination of high quality and flexible pricing policy is what distinguishes Termotron from all competitors. Some of the products manufactured at the factory are subject to mandatory certification for compliance with safety requirements.

Our products are your safety!


  • Denis Abushenko

    Denis Abushenko

    Deputy General Director

  • Inna Borisova

    Inna Borisova

    Deputy General Director for Finance - Head of economic Department

  • Andrey Mikhailov

    Andrey Mikhailov

    Commercial director

  • Andrey Balabko

    Andrey Balabko

    Technical Director

  • Elena Novikova

    Elena Novikova

    Chief accountant

  • Marina Dontsova

    Marina Dontsova

    Head of legal Department

  • Dmitry Turkin

    Dmitry Turkin

    Chief metallurgist

  • Alexey Kornyushin

    Alexey Kornyushin

    Chief power

  • Alexander Evseev

    Alexander Evseev

    Head of Department of automated enterprise management systems

  • Vladimir Trushakov

    Vladimir Trushakov

    Сhief designer

  • Sergey Rozhnov

    Sergey Rozhnov

    Chief process engineer

  • Marina Safarova

    Marina Safarova

    Head of Personnel Management Service

  • Roman Badeev

    Roman Badeev

    Head of quality service

  • Alexey Epikhin

    Alexey Epikhin

    Chief mechanic