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The main value of the company is its employees


The working space at the Termotron is competently organized, which significantly increases the efficiency of both the main and auxiliary personnel. Modern changing rooms and showers are organized for the workers.

Our advantages


There are examples of significant career growth in our company, which means that you can succeed. At Termotron, you can realize both your career and financial ambitions. An important aspect for us is the employee training system. The types of training available to us are: self-study, seminars, trainings, educational programs. We can teach you a related profession and improve your skills.

The company provides office apartments in the residential complex "Rechnoy" to highly qualified specialists.

Participation in international exhibitions and major projects

The plant annually forms and approves a plan for the development of new products, according to which the technical services of the enterprise carry out development, research, testing and other types of work. Their result is the creation of modern, promising types of products ready for mass production. We not only present our new products at specialized exhibitions on a global scale, but also organize various forums and conferences on the territory of the plant ourselves.

We participate in city and district competitions, engage in charitable and social activities. We organize various corporate events and celebrations. There is a football club "Termotron" on the basis of the enterprise. There is a Youth Council at Termotron. Energetic and promising employees come together to discuss and make decisions on important and urgent issues. They participate in city and district competitions. We have corporate events and holidays that help us get to know each other better, thereby increasing the efficiency of interaction in work processes, because the one who works well has a good rest.

Traditionally, the company celebrates several major events: New Year, February 23 and March 8. In the summer, we definitely take part in the annual gathering of working youth "Forest Expanse".

The plant has its own corporate newspaper, "Your Time". This newsletter is designed to unite the workforce, helps to convey corporate values and priorities to them. The publication provides a comfortable platform for the exchange of ideas and innovations that motivate employees to new personal and professional achievements. "Your Time" is a social project, so the newspaper is completely free for employees of the enterprise and is printed by the factory printing house.

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