Quality assurance

The quality of products is the main priority of LLC "Termotron-Zavod".


Total control at all stages

In order to constantly maintain production at a modern level and improve product quality, taking into account the interests of consumers, the company systematically carries out measures for technical re-equipment and modernization of production through the acquisition of highly efficient technological equipment. The Quality Service reports directly to the General Director and carries out total quality control of both the product and its production process at all stages of the life cycle from incoming raw materials to packaging.

Our own chemical and metrological laboratory allows us to carry out all the necessary measurements and get complete information about the composition, structure of the metal, test it under critical conditions.

Quality confirmed by certificates

Technological equipment with the brand "Termotron" is characterized by great reliability, performance, energy saving, automation of control, accuracy of maintaining operating parameters, ease of operation, quality of manufacture, design and service. The high level of product quality is confirmed by certificates issued by the State Institution "Register of Certification in Federal Railway Transport" and meets the requirements of the quality management system GOST ISO 9001-2015.

The equipment manufactured by LLC "Termotron-Zavod" is included in the register of domestic industrial products in accordance with the conclusion on the confirmation of the production of industrial products on the territory of the Russian Federation issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia. This status is a significant competitive advantage and makes it possible to obtain benefits in the public procurement market not only for the enterprise, but also for its partners.

Quality certificates

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    Сертификат СПМ.jpg

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    Сертификат СПТ.jpg

  • Сертификат УВП.jpg

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    Сертификат УЗП.jpg

  • Сертификат УКСПС.jpg

    Сертификат УКСПС.jpg

  • Сертификат СПГБ новый Термотрон.jpg

    Сертификат СПГБ новый Термотрон.jpg

  • Сертификат с прил СП-20 Термотрон.jpg

    Сертификат с прил СП-20 Термотрон.jpg

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    Сертификат реле май 2021.jpg

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    Сертификат СМК.jpg

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